Breathe Sicily Dimora

La Breathe Sicily Dimora was an ancient Sicilian period residence, excellently restored respecting the materials of the place, it immediately lets you breathe the immense Sicilian spirit.
With the sensation of feeling suspended between the blue of the sky and the sea, through the colors of the majolica, the tuff, the stones, the "stazzone" bricks, the greenery, the native plants, the outdoor and indoor furnishings, with the welcome of the hosts immediately reigns the union between simplicity and comfort, between ease and relaxation. Breathe Sicily was born from the immense pleasure of promoting the territory by discovering the secrets of the places, the most beautiful colors, the most interesting experiences starting from a home of great energy that will offer you relaxing stays. The panoramic terrace that overlooks all the islands of the Stagnone Reserve and the Egadi Islands, is full of wonderful air and will give you very unforgettable unforgettable moments of your holiday. We are in a residential area on a slight hill, coveted by the residents for its naturalistic beauty and for the beautiful panorama that can also be appreciated from the home of Breathe Sicily.
Marsala is rich in important and historic wine cellars, which can be visited for tastings of the famous Marsala wine, has an interesting archaeological park, the archaeological museum Blio Anselmi on Punic ships, and has a beautiful old town with a coast and swimming beaches with a sea super. The Egadi islands and the islands of the great Riserva dello Stagnone are visible from the terrace of the house from which the panorama is truly amazing. The house is also perfect for spending some time with a few people, friends, for a brunch, a barbeque, an aperitif at sunset.