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Villa Genna


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Villa Genna

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9,30 - 13,30 / 16,30 - 20,30

Villa Genna


Valentina Giacalone

"Hi, my name is Valentina and I am a yoga teacher. My first approach to this wonderful discipline was in 2006 when I deeply understood that I had finally found my way. I am a Hatha Yoga teacher, certified Yoga Alliance RYT 250- PLUS, CSEN / CONI with over 500 hours of training in various yoga style. I both study and practice Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Anusara Yoga keeping myself constantly updated and attending workshops, training and seminars around Italy. My lessons are structured to meet all practitioners level, whether they are beginners or advanced and are structured as a balanced mix of energy and relax. I like to mix different yoga styles in order to offer always a different lesson and a wider perspective of the discipline to those who want to join my courses. Namaste."


Patrizia Moretto

"I live halfway between Treviso’s hills in Veneto and the first Marsala’s hill. I have been practicing Yoga for over twenty years. I trained at the Yoga and Yoghismo school, earning a diploma as a teacher of Hatha Yoga after a four-year course. Under the guidance of Alberta Boccato and Sergio Geromel, I have continued my education following seminars in Italy and India, a country that I love and I have frequented since 1982. In 2000 I went to Marsala where I turned an ancient Sicilian house into a B&B, where I welcome guests from all over the world. My career as a teacher begins in this land, which is plenty of positive energies . I currently hold seminars and courses on Hatha Yoga, Laughter Yoga and Pranayama at "Sanghita Tantric Center". Recently, in collaboration with pediatricians and educationalists, I have specialized in Yoga for children and Yoga during pregnancy. I teach Yoga at some kindergartens and primary schools in Treviso. The practice of Yoga I propose for Breathe Sicily activities, in the amazing Villa Genna’s garden, will be divided into four parts. The first part will be dedicated to breathing (Pranayama) and meditation. The second part will be Hatha yoga in order to make you learn all the postures through the decomposition of the movement. The third part will be Vinyasa yoga, more dynamic, where the various postures will be finalized by the rhythm of breathing. In the last part we will focus on deep breathing (Shavasana). Available upon reservation a class of Yoga on the hammock, with Tibetan singing bowls, in the splendid Botanical garden of the Villa.




The salt path takes place in a panoramic solarium area overlooking the sea, set up with the utmost attention to environment respect ; this bio walking tour is made out of salt from the salt pans of Marsala and Trapani. It starts with a salt walking road to purify the plantar area by friction with medium-fine integral salt and continues crossing an area with sprays of water with high iodine percentage. Later, a moment of hydrotherapy will follow in a water basin to stimulate foot sensitization and blood circulation; eventually the salt path ends with a self made aromatic salt scrub on arms and legs. Upon request, our guest can have a professional foot and ankle massage to complete the path in order to relieve stress and achieve total wellness. At the end of the path we suggest to bathe in the lagoon sea, which is at only 50 steps from the solarium area. The Salt Path includes shower, changing rooms and a refreshment area where you can consume detox, refreshing and moisturizing drinks.


Salt path benefits

The salt path is a path that stimulates body and spirit in its entirety. The first part of the path, the salt walk, stimulates the foot plantar area, helping the peripheral circulation and stimulating the nerve endings linked to the rest of the body. According to plantar reflexology, the stimulation of certain specific points of the foot help to restore the body balance. The spray of water with high iodine percentage helps to relieve disorders related to the respiratory system such as sore throat, cough, bronchitis and asthma. The foot is stimulated also in the water bath dedicated to hydrotherapy, this time by the mean of pebbles of various grain size. This last process enhance the stimulation of reflex points and reinforce the benefits of the previous walk on salt.

Dermatological benefits

Salt is rich in beneficial properties that help to purify the skin and keep it clear. Useful for acne and eczema.


Contraindication of salt path

There are no contraindications related to age for the salt path. However, the path is not recommended in case of heart failure, severe arterial hypertension, inability to breathe independently, in case of cancer diseases treated with chemotherapy and in acute phases of febrile diseases. It is also contraindicated in

cases of hyperthyroidism and in case of iodine allergy . The path is also not recommended for pregnant women and women during the menstrual period. It should also be avoided in the case of small (or large) open wounds, and in the case of skin diseases that could be exacerbated by contact with salt.